Selected Application Topics:


• Chemistry and physics of rubber and elastomers: raw materials, formulations, morphology, network/crosslinks, filler-polymer-interaction, filler dispersion, compatibility of additives/plasticizers

• Thermoplastic elastomers: Morphology, processing

• Processing in rubber technology: Mixing, extrusion, twin screw extrusion, injection moulding, manufacturing of test materials, vulcanization

• Characterization of rubber and plastic composites: Chemical and physical analyses of materials, rheology, viscoelasticity

• Service lifetime prediction, ageing processes: Oxidative stability, efficiency of antioxidants, fatigue, tear resistance (dynamic measurements, Wöhler curves), biaxial measurements)

• Simulation of rubber, products and composites, finite element analyses, modeling calculations

• Electronics and rubber - Elastronique©

• Environmental and trace analysis: Emissions, fumes, migration, fogging (automotive applications) fire gases

• Adhesion of rubber to different substrates: rubber-metal, rubber thermoplastics, building tack

• End of life, recycling, devulcanization, reclaim

• Life cycle analyses

• General supportive services to industry


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