French rubber manufacturers' association

A profession united to better defend its interests:

With around one hundred members, representing 80% of the rubber profession, the SNCP has a large membership to represent, promote ans defend the specific interests of all the players in the rubber industry:

GRG manufacturers, tyre manufacturers, adhesive tapes manufacturers, raw material suppliers, processing equipment, suppliers, recyclers, SMEs, medium size companies, large companies.

SNCP members

100 companies (representing 80 % of the turnover of the sector)

45 000 employees

140 plants

Turn over: 9 billions

2 % of large companies

18 % of medium size companies

80 % of SME

Collective actions for everybody's benefit:

The SNCP coordinates collective actions of the rubber profession aimed at defending its common interests.

The SNCP permanently represents the rubber industry before a wide range of players: trade unions, French and European public authorities (with ETRMA), trade associations representing the suppliers or customers of rubber processors and technical organisms.

5 fields of influence:

Social: collective agreement management, social affairs, human resources, vocational training

EHS: environment, health and security

Economy: survey results, studies, economic reports

Innovation: supporting R&D, standardization

Communication: rubber industry promotion, public relation


A team of experts serving your company

The SNCP supports the development of rubber companies, offering them:

Advicesthe member companies benefit from the personalised services of the SNCP's experts.

Meeting and dialogue structuresparticipation in the SNCP's working group affords many many opportunities for meetings and dialogue between rubber industry players.

InformationCompanies can rely on real time regulatory, legal, economic and technical updates from the SNCP in the form of:

- 4 specialised newsletters: social-HR, economic, EHS, technical and standardization,

- 1 extranet website publishing reference laws, interpretation notes, analyses, studies, summary slideshows, raw material prices, production statistics...


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